A poisonous secret is the thirteenth episode of Lemur street

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Drought is still hitting hard and the ring tailed lemur troops are finding life hard. The Graveyard gang were waking up from a cold night and were heading off to find enough food. Crystal, their queen, decides to lead the group through the forest to find leaves to eat. The group soon begin to eat the green succulent leaves called, Lucina. This may be a reliable food source but its toxins cause hair loss in lemurs. High ranking Crystal and her family eat at the top of the trees, while low ranking lemurs are forced to eat the toxic lucina. Peg Leg and Derick are the lowest ranking lemurs of the troop and Derick is perticulary fond of tucking in to the plant. The Graveyards were too busy eating, no one had noticed Liberty's strange behavior. Hogarth and his sisters play unaware of their mum's disappearing act. Liberty isolates herself from the the rest of the Graveyard gang. It had soon become apparent why her bavior took an unusual turn. She'd gone into labor. After two hours in child birth, Liberty gives birth to her sixth baby, Lily. Lily was born weak and struggled to cling on to her mother's belly fur. Liberty finally rejoined the troop and showed off her new baby, but with baby Lily still weak from her mother's weak condition, times may be hard to come.

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Liberty Graveyards

Lily Graveyards

Crystal Graveyards

Peg Leg Graveyards

Derick Graveyards

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Graveyard Gang

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