Amazon Tornadoes
Amazon Tornado




Tornado Troop




Her mother Flame

Known for

Being a strong feisty female, Gizmo's neglectful mother, Electra's former number one rival, the the dominant female of the Tornadoe Troop


Gizmo(her son whom she neglected) and Orinoco( her new son).

Amazon Edit

Amazon is the strong and feisty new dominant female of the Tornado Troop. She is a four year old lemur. She started off as a subordinate high ranking female in the Tornadoes. She was former dominant female Electra Tornadoes's number one rival. Amazon was also a neglectful mother who often abandoned her five month old son, Gizmo. When Gizmo got attacked by Chelsea( the daughter of former dominant female Stella) and damaged his leg, Amazon showed not interest in his plight. Her son Gizmo eventually sadly died from a predator. Amazon grew increasingly rebellious under Electra. She, with the aid of her mother Flame and her sister Snowflake viciously attacked and dethroned the pregnant Electra. Amazon became the dominant female and gave birth to her new baby Orinoco and became a more responsible and caring mother. She then went with her mother Flame and sister Snowflake and again attacked Electra, this time evicting her and her new baby , Prince, from the troop. Dominant female Amazon led the Tornadoes into excursions into the Graveyards territory to steal their food. During and episode when the Tornadoes were in the Forest, the Graveyard Gang turned up and a massive fight took place between the two mortal enemy troops. Amazon's Tornadoes won the fight, but her son Orinoco had been left behind when the Tornadoes left the forest. Amazon still didn't realize that her son was missing, until little Orinoco was saved when Amazon's mother Flame went back to fetch him and re-united him with his mother Amazon. Amazon led the Tornadoes into taking over the Graveyard gang's territory, leaving the Graveyards looking for a new home.