Boiling point is the eleventh episode of 'Lemur Street'

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Drought has hit Madagascar and the ringtailed lemurs as well as all the other residents are finding life hard. The Graveyard gang have been struggling to find enough food and things are close to breaking point. Dominant female Crystal has to find food for them all but uncharacteristically her attention was a bit diverted from thinking about the needs of the whole gang. Crystal's aunt Liberty is perticulary finding the going hard. She and her family have been reduced to finding scraps while Crystal and her high ranking family sit it out at the tree tops. All though the Graveyard gang are a component of one family there is still a devision of status within them. Crystal, her mum and sisters rank high, while aunt Liberty and cousins rank low. All the males in the troop rank low to all the females. Liberty and her family struggle to find enough nourishment. Crystal soon leads the troop out to find food. The troop had to cross vast open landscape meadows to reach a huge tamarind tree. The troop soon reach the tree and start feeding. This was a huge break through for Liberty and her crew. After a short while Crystal begins to lead the troop off again, not concerned about the fact that some of the troop(Liberty and her family crew) have not yet had their fill. Liberty and her family are forced to leave the food behind to follow the troop. The Troop return to their territory. By next morning the reason as to Crystal's strange behavior became clear, she gave birth to her first baby, Jasmine. Crystal's priority turns to her new baby daughter. Liberty finally decides to break through and leads her small malnourished crew away from Crystal's main gang. The splinters head for the tourist camp. The devision of the once big Graveyard family couldn't have occurred at a worse time now that Crystal needs the support of her troop. Crystal needs to find a way to re-unite the gang for the sake of her baby's survival and the defense of their territory.

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