Blake Graveyards
Blake Graveyards




Graveyard Gang





Known for

Being the dominant male of the Graveyard gang, the strongest fighter the Graveyards have got.



Blake Edit

Blake is the dominant male of the Graveyard Gang. His a five year old ringtail lemur. Blake, being the dominant male, was often a lady's catch by all the Graveyard females, displacing mating rights from his subordinate males including his second in command Milton. During the mating season, Blake had the upperhand and won mating rights with Josephine, Topaz, Liberty after chasing off the wild male Titus. When the rivals, Tornadoe Troop invaded Graveyard territory, Blake went into a fight with Flash, the dominant male of the Tornadoes, ending up with a slashed hand and so preventing him from joining mating battles. This caused him to miss out on the chance to mate with the Graveyards queen, Crystal, on her one fertile day. Blake recovered from his injury and was back to being top male.

In the USA Blake is unknown as Markus.

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