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Chelsea Tornadoe 3

Pampered little Chelsea is the princess of the Tornado Troop. Chelsea is just one spoilt little six month old ringtailed lemur. Her mother is Stella. Her mother Stella used to be the queen of the Tornadoes, but lost the top job to Electra shortly after Chelsea's birth. Her life now is all about obeying to her daughter;s every wish. Chelsea, being six months old, should have been weaned and restricted from back rides, but her mother Stella just cannot seem to say no to her every demand. Chelsea gets what she wants. She's responsible for attacking Gizmo and knocking him off his branch and breaking his back leg. Chelsea's life could not have been more different from Gizmo's life, as her mother constantly dotted on her, while poor Gizmo suffered neglect from his mother Amazon. Chelsea's life was filled with pretty luxury, until an episode where she got lost in the field during one morning when the Tornadoe troop were heading out foraging. Her mother Stella didn't notice her absence until she realized that her precious little Chelsea was missing. Stella was also in season and snuck away and mated with the Tornadoes dominant male, Flash. Chelsea made her way to the water truf, a place where she had never gone on her own before. Fortunately for her, the Tornadoes crossed the same path and Chelsea and her mother Stella were re-united. With the possibility of Stella having another offspring on the way, Chelsea's pampered life could come to an end.