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Her mother Josephine

Known for

Being the level headed and calm leader of the the Graveyard Gang


Her daughter Jasmine

Crystal Edit

Crystal is the dominant female of the Graveyard Gang and a fair and well established ruler and leader. Crystal is a five year old ring-tailed lemur. She was born in the Graveyard gang to her mother, Josephine, who was the former leader of the Graveyard gang. Crystal grew up like all ring-tailed lemurs, in a highly matriarchal spciety were she would rank above all the males in her group. Her family is the most close knit of all ring-tailed families and Crystal grew up with a very relaxed and sophisticated family. When she tuned four years old, she took dominance from her mother Josephine and became the Queen of the Graveyards. Among the males within her group it was Blake who took male dominance. Crystal was a calm and well established ruler. She had experience to know her territory and where to lead the family to find food and water. Unlike other leaders, Crystal's family enjoy her level headed style and her calm and even tempered state. Crystal was titled to be a sophisticated lemur and very picky about mates, choosing not to mate with dominant male Blake, but with the lowest ranking male, Peg Leg

Crystal led the Graveyard Gang through all the trials of residence of Madagascar, including the fights with their arch rival neighbors, the Tornadoe Troop, first led by her arch rival Electra. The Tornadoes like nothing more than to cause trouble for her family by intruding into their territory. Crystal is a constant source of stability for her family. However calm and closely united her family may be, in the Graveyard gang there was a distribution of rank between Crystal and her relatives. As the dominant female, all relatives closely related to Crystal get a high status. Meaning Crystal's mother and sisters rank high, while her aunt Liberty and the rest rank low. Crystal is a lemur content at the top of the tree surveying her territory.

Crystal led the family through droughts to find enough food, but at once not even she could control the devastation of the drought as her family began to split apart. Her aunt Liberty took off with some of the lemurs in different roots while Crystal stayed with her half of the family. Despite the circumstances of the drought and family feud, there was something to celebrate when Crystal became a mother for the first time, giving birth to her daughter Jasmine. The family feud heeled after the drought passed, but she and her family gang lost their territory to the Tornadoes at the end of the series. Crystal headed the Graveyards in search of a new home.

In the USA Crystal is known as Juno.

Queen Crystal Edit

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