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Known for

Being the volatile and aggressive Tornadoe queen.


Her baby Prince, who sadly died after premature birth.

Electra Edit

Electra is the former volatile , bad tempered Tornado Queen. She is a seven year old ringtailed lemur. Electra grew up in the Tornado Troop. She , unlike the rest of the troop, is a loner with no female relations. Electra became the dominant female of the Tornadoes after taking the role from Stella, who used to be the dominant female of the Tornadoes. Although Electra became the leader and boss of the troop, she was still often paranoid and aggressive. The reason why she is paranoid is because she is often insecure about her position. With no relations within the troop, she has no one to back her up and keeping on to her staus is what makes her volatile. Electra cause for concern in keeping her status is , Amazon, who is her number one rival. Never the less Electra led the Tornadoes through life in Madagascar, pulling them through the trials of life, which one includes dealing with their arch rival neighbors, the Graveyard Gang led by her arch rival Crystal. Electra often led the troop into stealing some of the food(like cactus) belonging to the Graveyards.

Electra, being a volatile, was a lemur all feared to go near. During mating season, she mated with Flash the dominant male of the Tornadoes, then with Milton a male from the Graveyard gang. Electra held dominance until her arch number one rival Amazon deposed her and evicted her from the troop. By that time, Electra was heavily pregnant and gave birth to a premature baby called Prince. The reason her baby was so small and premature is because of the strain of Electra's stress levels as the result of her tromatic eviction. During the night, her tiny baby could not cling on long enough and fell down from the tree and died. Electra was forced to live a lone existence in the periphery of Tornadoes and Graveyards territories. She attempted to join the Graveyards but was swooftly seen off continuesly. She eventually re-joined the Tornadoes after alerting the troop from a Madagascan ground Boa snake.

Queen Electra Edit

Electra Tornadoes