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Liberty and Peg Leg

Known for

Liberty's oldest daughter


Her new first time baby, Willow.

Emily Edit

Emily is Liberty's eldest daughter. She is a four year old ringtailed lemur. Emily grew up in the Graveyard Gang. Her father was Peg Leg Graveyards. Emily grew up to being a subordinate female , like her mother Liberty. Emily , her mother and all her sisters rank low in comparison to dominant female Crystal and her relatives. Emily gave birth to her first baby daughter, Pixie, and in doing so she gave Peg Leg his first grandchild. She had her offspring during the same time after her mother Liberty gave birth to her fourth baby, Lily. Emily was an attentive mother. During an episode, the Graveyards entered the tourist camp which had previously been occupied by another troop. Emily, while carrying her new baby, was the only lemur to hear the cries of an abandoned offspring belonging to the other troop. Emily was driven by her maternal instincts and tried to carry the baby away but it was too weak to hold on to her belly. For the survival of her own baby, she was forced to leave it and head back with the rest of the Graveyard troop.

On Lemur Kingdom(USA) her name was Pixie.