Flame Tornadoes
Flame Tornadoes 2




Tornadoe Troop





Known for

Amazon's mother and a strong, tough female.


Amazon, Snowflake and Apollo

Flame Edit

Flame is Amazon's mother and a tough female. Flame may be tough and strong, but she's also a caring and experienced mother. Even dominant Amazon gives way for her. Flame stood by her daughter Amazon's side as one of the three families of the Tornadoes, always aiding her daughter. Flame aided her daughter Amazon in viciously attacking and dethrowing the pregnant Electra. When Electra was exiled and gave birth to her baby, Flame, Amazon and another of Flame's daughters, Snowflake, teamed up and attacked Electra again, this time evicting her and her baby Prince, from the troop. Flame soon had her baby, but her inexperienced daughter Amazon still was not responsible enough and forgot her newest baby, Orinoco. Flame, carrying her own new baby, Apollo,went back for Orinoco and carried him back to the troop, re-uniting him with his mother Amazon.

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