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Flash Tornadoes
Flash Tornadoe




Tornadoe Troop





Known for

Being the Tornadoes dominant male, and strong fighter.


Possibly the father of Electra's baby, Prince

Flash is the formidable dominant male of the Tornado Troop and a strong experienced fighter. He is a seven year old ring tailed lemur. Flash may be big and strong, but he is also uite a ladies man. Flash gets very touchy if any other males get too near his Tornadoe girls and fought off the roving male Titus when Tornadoe female Snowflake was in season. Flash led the Tornadoes into their arch rivals, Graveyard Gang's territory and cought the scent of Graveyard female Josephine was in season. Flash approached her but was caught by the Graveyards dominant male Blake and the two fought. Flash was an experienced male lemur when it came to fighting and as soon as he got the upperhand, he slashed Blake on the arm. Leaving Blake wounded, Flash and his Tornadoe males continued to harass the rest of the Graveyard males to get to the females, until they were eventually chased off by the Graveyards number two male, Milton. Flash often faced challenges by the younger males in his troop, but won with power and mated with the Tornadoe dominant female Electra, then stella. ( Electra's son Prince, may have been his son.) When Electra got evicted and called out for help to rest of the Tornadoes led by Amazon , Flash was the only lemur willing enough to come to her but misinterpreted the situation and began to make mating advances to Electra, but she chased him off.