Gizmo"s fate is the fifth episode of Lemur Street

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Its been two days since Gizmo was attacked by spoilt Tornadoe bully Chelsea. His mother Amazon won't give him the attantion he needs and so is struggling to survive. The Tornadoes had began to wake up and were busy grooming after a cold night. Most of the troop were warm and conforted by each other but one of there members was left out in the cold. Electra has had a very cold night, she may be the queen, but she's also aggressive and bad tempered so no one wants to cuddle up with her and so keep their distance. With two other families including her arch rival Amazon, having their eye on the top job, Electra has every reason to be paranoid. Gizmo desperately heads to his mother for some much needed comfort, but Amazon's affection is short lived and she abandons him as usual. Electra leads the Tornadoes out to find food and Gizmo is once again lagged behind. He tries his best to keep up but his leg was just too painful. The Tornadoes feed on a tree in the heart of their territory. While most of the group were foraging high up in the trees where the berry's were the most ripen, Gizmo had no chance of climbing and was subjected to feed below on the cast aways of his selfish family. When Gizmo does manage to climb to a post for better food, the Tornadoes began to leave and he was forced to keep up. After a long days foraging, Electra led the Tornadoes through the forest to get to their home. Gizmo amazingly managed to keep up with the troop. As the Tornadoes reached a clear path, suddenly a roup of feral dogs charged them, forcing the troop to leap into the trees. Gizmo managed to climb up a tree as well, but could only watch as the Tornadoes began to brave the area and left. Gizmo was then lost on the road, and sadly had later been killed by a predator. The Tornadoes were heading for home until they herd calls driving them back. It was Gizmo's mother, Amazon, who was too scared to climb down after the fright of the feral dogs. Unlike her little son Gizmo, Amazon had luck on her side as the troop went back for her. Finally, the Tornadoes made it back to their territories.

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Tornadoe Troop

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