Gizmo Edit

Gizmo Tornadoe

Gizmo was the youngest ringtailed lemur in the Tornado Troop. He was five months old. Gizmo is the son of Amazon Tornadoes. His mother , being four years old, was still inexperienced of motherhood and did not care for Gizmo and often neglected him. Gizmo was forced to fend for himself. His mother Amazon was too busy fighting with Tornadoe dominant Electra, so Gizmo did not get the care he needed and no one took notice of him. As Gizmo sat alone as usual, on a branch, the spoilt brat of the Tornadoes, Chelsea, attacked him and knocked him off his perch and fell down injuring his leg. Gizmo, having a damaged leg, struggled to keep up with the troop. His mother did not take any interest on his predicament, Amazon simply wasn't interested. Gizmo was eventually left behind, and if he did manage to stick with the troop,he was subjected to eating the remains on the floor as his injured leg prevented him from being able to climb and join his family feeding high in the tree tops. With a poor diet, Gizmo grew weaker and his predicament became worse as the hours ticked by. Gizmo's grip on life eventually left him when he was sadly taken by a predator when the troop left him behind after fleeing a dog attack.