Graveyard Gang
Graveyarg Gang symbol


Tornado Troop

Dominant Female

Josephine then currently Crystal

Dominant Male



Approximately twenty ring-tailed lemurs

Number of families

One family

The Graveyard Gang are the Tornado's arch rivals. In contrast to the Tornadoe, this troop is made up of one lemur family, all the females related. The Graveyards got their name from their territory, the Graveyard.

Dominant Pair Edit

The Graveyards were first being led by Josephine but then handed over leadership to her daughter Crystal. The dominant male is still Blake.

All Known Graveyard MembersEdit

Crystal (Dominant Female)

Blake (Dominant Male)






Peg Leg






History Edit

The Graveyards often get involved in territorial battles with their rivals the Tornadoes. Unlike their rivals, the Graveyards are made up of one family so peace is part of the scenery of this calm, solid, sophisticated and level headed resourceful troop, being led by their level headed queen, Crystal.The Graveyards took claim to the water truf while their neighbors to claim to the tourist camp. Although the Graveyards are one big happy family, a social hierarchy exists between them. Dominant female Crystal, with her mother Josephine and her sisters rank highest in the troop. While her aunt Liberty and her relatives rank low. As ringtails live in a matriarchal society, this means that all the females, no matter their rank, all rank above all the males. Dominant male Blake had proved to be irresistable to the Graveyard females and won most mating battles, but in the strictly matriarchal society of ringtailed lemurs, means Blake may be the dominant male, but he and his subordinate males rank below all the females in the troop. Peg Leg was the oldest male in the Graveyards and at thirteen years old, he proved to be a wise lemur. During the mating season, Peg Leg's luck struck gold when he had beaten all the males and mated with Queen Crystal. Peg Leg and his best friend Derick proved to be the very best of friends having stuck together all through out the drought period.The Graveyards underwent a troop split after being struck by drought. Crystal became a mother for the first time to her baby daughter Jasmine. Crystal and her half stayed within their sisal fenced Graveyard home, while Liberty and her half moved into finding food at the tourist camp. The troop was then re-united after the rains. During a territorial battle in the forest with the Tornadoe troop, the Graveyards lost and were left scattered. The Graveyards then lost their territory to the Tornado troop and were forced to look for a new home.

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