Harvest Havoc is the eighth episode of Lemur street

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It was early morning and humans had invaded Tornadoe troop territory for the harvest. The Tornadoes woke up to find a large amount of disturbance, and decided to leave their refuge in search of foraging foods else where. As the Tornadoes headed on in their food finding conquest, one member was left behind. Chelsea, the spoilt little daughter of Stella, was left behind and was lost within the tall grass back in their territory refuge. Chelsea called for help but the rest of the Tornadoes were already far gone, and because Stella was such a protective mum, Chelsea was totally unstreet wise and was never left on her own before. Eventually Chelsea plucked up the courage to move on in search of her family. The Tornadoes were still busy foraging. Electra, their bad tempered boss, was the first to find a tamarind pod. Flash the dominant male was tempted to have the pod but new better then to even try. Chelsea made her way to the water truf. It was a popular Tornadoe hang out but she had never visited it by herself before and was wary. She eventually jumped up a tree to survey the area hoping that her troop will come back her way. Stella finally noticed that her daughter was missing. She was always an attentive mother and unlike her to let her precious little Chelsea to fend for herself. Stella began calling but got no response. The only lemur to hear her calls was dominant male Flash. He miss-interpreted her predicament and started to court her but she immidietly chase him off. As the Tornadoes moved on, Stella was forced to head off with them. Soon after a daily trip, the Tornadoes made their way to the cactus and began to feed on the moisture rich plant. While rest of the troop were busy stuffing their faces, Stella sneaked off and following her came Flash. Stella had come into season and accepted Flash's advances and chose him as her mate. After a day at the cactus, the troop were heading for home until they crossed a path. Chelsea, who had decided to stay put at the tree she was in, finally saw the troop and ran towards them. Stella was finally re-united with her little princess. Chelsea was still pritty much every thing, but with Stella expecting another baby, it could soon put a stop to Chelsea's pampered lifestyle.

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Tornadoe Troop

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