Home alone is the sixth episode of Lemur Street

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It was early morning and at the Graveyard territory, there was mist in the early morning day break. The Graveyard gang were still huddled up together in balls after a cold night. Eventually dominant female Crystal soon leads out the gang to find breakfast. The harvest tractors had dropped many seeds on the ground meadow so the troop had an easy start to the day. The troop also fed on sequoia fruits which lay on the ground. Blake, the dominant male of the Graveyard gang, bulked up some of the fruits. His hand had heeled after being injured from a vicious fight with the dominant male of the Tornadoe troop, Flash. As the troop went on with their daily business of finding food, they were unaware of a intruders. A group of four roving males had entered the reserve. Their leader was Titus, and he led the group into Graveyard gang territory in search of females. it was not long until the group entered Graveyard territory. Titus had his eye on Graveyard female Topaz, but was continually chased off by dominant male Blake. Blake finally managed to fight off Titus and the rovers fled. Blake then got his reward and mated with Topaz. Amongst all the action, the youngest member of the Graveyards, Hogarth, split away from the rest of the troop on a solo adventure. Hogarth eventually found himself lost and alone. Hogarth's mother, Liberty, was not endurably worried at first by his absence as Hogarth was always an independent little lemur. The Graveyard gang hadn't return to their sleeping territory and Hogarth, fortunately after making it back to the Graveyard territory, found himself alone because the family had not returned home yet.

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Graveyard Gang

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