Hogarth Edit

Hogarth Graveyards 2

Hogarth is the adventurous son of Liberty. At six months old, Hogarth, like all young ringtailed lemurs, has an adventurous streak. During tha mating battles in the hight of the mating season, little Hogarth sneaked away from the troop in a solo adventure. He soon found himself in trouble when the troop were long gone and he was forced to try and find his way home. Hogarth tried to navigate paths to take and made his way to the open path on the border of Graveyard and Tornado territory. He began to head for the Tornado territory making his way into the heart of enemy territory. Fortunately his instincts drove him away from Tornado troop border and into the forest. Hogarth eventually managed to make his way back to Graveyard territory only to find that the troop had not yet arrived back home. Hogarth was forced to spend a lonely and scary night in the Graveyard home away from his mother and the troop. His mum Liberty was not very worried by his absence at first because since from a young age , Hogarth had always been independent. Eventually Liberty noticed her son's absence and joined by the whole troop, began to call to Hogarth. HOgarth had fortunately made it through the night and was eating fresh flowers at the top of the tree, a privilege normally reserved for high ranking females. The Graveyard gang could not make it home because of the eruption of a forest fire but after the fire subsided, the troop made their way home where Hogarth was hugely relieved to see them. Hogarth was finally re-united with his mum and the Graveyard gang.