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Known for

Dominant Crystal's mother, former leader of the Graveyard gang


Crystal, Topaz, Sophie and etc..

Josephine Edit

Josephine is Crystal's mother. She used to be the leader of the Graveyard Gang, but handed over the role to her daughter Crystal. In being the boss' mum, she is still very highly respected and remains a rulling matriline along with her daughter Crystal. Josephine was the first female in the Graveyards to come into season, causing havoc among the males. She eventually chose the Graveyards dominant male, Blake, as a mate. Flash, the dominant male of the Tornadoe Troop almost courted Josephine, but was chased off by Blake and the Graveyard males. During an episode when the Graveyards were forging in the forest and met their cousins the Brown lemurs, Josephine was the first ringtailed lemur to approach and chase off the brown lemurs to get to the delicious underground flower. During her labour before her newest baby was born, Josephine was attacked by low ranking female(possibly her sister)Liberty., but she and her high ranking baby survived.