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Known for

Being the lowest ranking female in the Graveyard gang,Crystal's aunt and a very devoted mother having had four offspring.


Hogarth,Emily, Lily ...etc..etc

Liberty Edit

Liberty is the lowest ranking female in the Graveyard Gang. Her status may be low, but Libery is a very devoted mother having raised four offspring already. She is Crystal's aunt and ranks below her dominant niece. Liberty is a defined character. She may have experience in motherhood but she often lets herself go at times. During an episode when the group was struck by drought, Liberty, driven by pregnancy, led a half of the family to the tourist camp to find food, leaving Crystal with the other half of the family in the forests. When Liberty led the group back, Crystal chased her away, but she was able to make it back. When Crystal's mum Josephine gave birth, Liberty was thought to have attacked her during her labour. By the end of the series , Liberty gave birth to her fifth baby, her daughter Lily. Only to find out that her daughter Emily also gave birth to her baby. Liberty's son Hogarth went missing after loosing the group, but made it back safely to his mother Liberty.