Mother nature is the tenth episode of Lemur Street

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Its been a day since former Tornado troop leader Electra was deposed by arch rival Amazon. Electra went into premature birth and gave birth to her son Prince. Prince is very small and weak so Electra has had a tough time trying to raise her little baby. Electra and her baby Prince spend their first night alone in the forest away from the protection of the Tornado troop. By morning Electra tries to find her baby but he is no where to be seen. She eventually finds him but he had sadly already died. Prince was too weak to hold on to his mother during the whole night and fell. Electra cradles her baby, calling out to her troop. The rest of the Tornadoes reply her calls but their calls are more of instinct than support. Finally one lemur from the troop comes to her. It was Flash, the dominant male. He was one of the males Electra mated with four months before so Prince could have been his son. Flash mis interprets Electra's predicament and starts to make mating advances but Electra, still very protective of her perished baby, chased him off. After hours past by Electra finally left her baby's body and headed off into the forest. The rest of the Tornado troop were unaware of the tragedy faced Electra and were busy getting on with the days search for food. The troop head fir the water truf for a drink. Electra trails them and plucks up the courage to go to the truf. The Tornadoes shun her out again. Dominant female Amazon is most unlikely to allow Electra back in the troop so Electra keeps her distance from the troop though she is desperate to join them. Electra continues to scratch out a living on her own.

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  • Prince



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Tornado Troop

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