Milton Graveyards
Milton Graveyards




Graveyard Gang


Second in command



Known for

Number two male in the Graveyards


Unknown, Prince(Electra's baby), could have been his son.

Milton Edit

Milton is the second highest ranked male in the Graveyard Gang. Milton is second only to Blake in the male hierarchy. Milton may know how to look after himself, but attracting the females has not been his luck. In ringtail society rank and status counts and being number two, means Milton has a hard time in comparison to Blake. Milton left the Graveyards territory in search of females and ended up in Tornadoe territory. Milton could sense the scent of a female in season. That Tornadoe female was bad tempered Electra. Flash, the dominant male of the Tornadoes, spotted Milton and chased him off, bu Milton was able to sneak back in while Flash was occupied in chasing the other Tornadoe males, and mated with Tornadoe queen Electra. Back in Graveyard territory , Milton took the fight from injured Blake and chased off Flash and the Tornadoe males. While Blake was injured, Milton took full advantage during the rest of the mating season to court the Graveyard females, and during that day, Graveyard queen Crystal was in season, but he too lost when Crystal chose to mate with low ranking Peg Leg. During an episode, he was the only lemur to chase off their lemur cousins, the Shifaka.