Orinoco Edit

Orinoco Tornadoes

Orinoco is the second born son of Amazon and Tornado lemur royalty. He was born a month after Gizmo. Orinoco's birth came just after his mother Amazon viciously deposed the Tornado troop former leader Electra. Being born as the son of the dominant female, Orinoco was born a royal little lemur. His mum Amazon was giving him a lot better care than her first son Gizmo. Orinoco grew up to be a high ranking and boisterous little high ranking lemur. He was quite a bit of a handful even for dominant Amazon. During a territorial clash with the Tornado's arch rivals the Graveyard Gang, Orinoco was forgotten by his mum and the troop. He spent his first few hours alone in the forest until his calls finally reached one of the Tornadoes, it was Amazon's mum Flame. Flame went back to the forest for Orinoco. Deeply relieved to see his grandmother, Orinoco leaped to Flame and was re-united with his mother Amazon and the troop.