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Being the oldest lemur in the Graveyards at thirteen years old. A wise and experienced lemur


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Peg Leg Edit

Peg Leg is the oldest and wisest lemur in the Graveyard Gang. He is a thirteen year old ringtailed lemur. He lost one of his back legs elven years ago from a dog attack, but survived because he is a smart lemur. Peg Leg may be the most wise of the troop, but he ranks the lowest of all the ringtailed lemurs in the Graveyards. Like all males, he is subordinate to the females. Peg leg's chances of mating within the troop are always slim because of his disadvantage of him not being able to fight mating battles with the other males. Peg leg stays clear of conflict all together, which is what makes him wise. Whenever the troop heads out foraging, Peg leg is always the last lemur to leave as having three legs means his not as fast moving as the rest of the troop. During mating season, while all the Graveyard males fought for mating rights, Peg leg wisely stayed clear of the mating battles, knowing that fortunes also favored the opportunistic he stayed in the side lines. His patience payed off when the Graveyards dominant female, Crystal, chose him for a mate among all the other high ranking males.

By mating with the dominant female on her one fertile day, Peg leg has proved himself the champion of all the males in the troop. The Graveyard gang were struck by drought and most the lemurs showed signs of malnutrition. Peg leg was no acception, his blochy fur made it clear that he as well as some of the rest of the low ranking lemurs(mostly) suffered from lack of proper nutrition. Peg leg and his friend, Derick, kept feeding on a toxic plant called, Lucina. Both showed the most effects of the drought. To make matters worse, a bush fire erupted separating Peg leg from his old friend Derick. Peg leg left the Graveyards to look for his friend, and eventually both were re-united and returned to the Graveyards. But there was a reason as to why Peg leg would have left the Graveyard gang. Males ringtailed lemurs will often leave a long resident troop, this prevents inbreeding. Peg leg and Liberty's daughter, Emily, gave Peg leg his first grandchild.
Peg leg

Wise old Peg leg