Prince Edit

Prince was Electra's little baby. Electra mated with both Tornado dominant male Flash and Graveyard male Milton, so either of the two males may have been his father. He was born prematurely, possibly as a result of his mother's traumatic eviction. Prince was born just before his mother Electra who was the dominant female of the Tornado Troop was banished from the troop after she was deposed by feisty Amazon. Prince was born without the protection of the troop. Just after he was born, his mother Electra called desperately for the support of the troop, but she and Prince were viciously attacked again by Amazon, her mother Flame and her sister Snowflake. Prince was very vulnerable and small compare to a baby lemur and his mother struggled to care for him. Prince spent his first night in the forest. Weak from premature birth, he was unable to hold on his Electra's belly for long and fell from the tree and sadly died. By the next morning Electra was unwilling to accept his death and guarded his tiny body for hours before finally leaving it. If prince was born during the time his mother Electra was still the dominant in Tornadoes, he would have received the very best start in life but fortune just did not save Electra's little boy.