Stormy weather is the third episode of Lemur Street.

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The Tornadoe troop, the Graveyards arch rivals, have woken up from a cold night and slowly begin to unwind and start sun bathing. Electra, the dominant female of this troublesome troop, begins to lead the troop into the heart of Graveyards territory. The Tornadoes find the Graveyards cactus and begin to eat their neighbor's ladar. The Graveyard gang have also woken up and have began to sun bath. Dominant Crystal leads the Graveyards to find breakfast to the cactus. When they reach the cactus, they find it over run by Tornadoes. The Graveyards charge and a battle begins. Crystal made a charge to her arch rival Electra, who leaped out of the way. The Graveyards manage to chase off the Tornadoes, but not only did their food smell of their rivals but also most of the ripe cuts had already been eaten. The Tornadoes headed to the tourist camp and over ran the dustbins and vehicles. The Graveyards however, headed to the forest in search of food. As the troop continued to forage they came across a group of brown lemurs feeding on a delicious underground flower. Josephine, Crystal's mother, was the first to approach the browns and easily chased them away. The Graveyards at last fed on the flower. Peg Leg, the oldest lemur, had been left behind and could not keep up when the troop left their territory in search of food, so instinctively made his way back to the Graveyards territory. The Graveyards were so busy eating the flower that they ignored the thunder storms indicating that a storm was brewing. The storm did catch the Graveyards and the troop were forced to seek shelter away from their usual sleeping trees in their territory. The Tornadoes had also been caught by the rain and were also forced to seek shelter away from their territory. Peg leg was the only lemur to brave the storm alone. By the next day, the rain subsided and Crystal led the Graveyards back to their territory were they found a large bunch of sequoia fruits on the floor dropped by the heavy rain, within their territory. As the Graveyards fed, Peg leg managed to find the troop and re-united with them.

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Peg Leg




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Graveyard Gang

Tornadoe Troop

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