Snowflake Tornadoes
Snowflake Tornado




Tornado Troop




Her mother Flame

Known for

Amazon's sister



Snowflake Edit

Snowflake is Amazon's sister. She is a four year old ringtailed lemur. Her mother is Flame. Snowflake is rarely mentioned much on Lemur Street. During the mating season, Snowflake, for the first time, came into season causing all the males in the Tornadoe troop to fight amongst themselves. Titus , a roving male entered the territory and tried to approach Snowflake but was chased off the the dominant male Flash. After seeing off Titus, Flash approached Snowflake but she chased him off. Flash was old enough to be Snowflake's father so her instinct repelled her from mating with any of the males in the troop. Instead, she followed Titus and mated with him. Later on, Snowflake accompanied her sister Amazon and her mother Flame, and viciously attacked and evicted Electra and her new baby from the troop.

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