Stella Tornadoes
Stella Tornadoe




Tornadoe Troop





Known for

Was former queen of the Tornadoes, dealing with her spoilt, demanding daughter Chelsea



Stella Edit

Stella is the former dominant female of the Tornadoes. She used to be their leader but lost the top job to Electra shortly after her daughter Chelsea's birth and fell right down in the pecking order. Stella now has her work cut out dealing with her daughter Chelsea, whom she spoils rotten. At six months old, Chelsea should have been weaned and restricted from rides on her mother's back, but Stella can't seem to protest to her daughter's every demand. During an episode, when Chelsea went missing, Stella also came into season andmated with the Tornadoes dominant male Flash. Stella and Chelsea were eventually re-united, but if Stella has another offspring, will she still be able to pamper her little daughter?

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