The enemy within is the ninth episode of 'Lemur Street

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After fourth months of good food and easier times, drought had started to hit Madagascar and its ringtailed lemurs. The Tornadoes were in the forest searching for food but all they could find are tamarind pods. This food dilemma was especially a problem to the females as many now had extra mouths to feed. Amazon was the first of the females to give birth. At four years old, she was a young and feisty adult. Her new baby son, Orinoco, was getting better care than her first son Gizmo. It had been a successful week for Amazon apart from the birth, she also managed to depose Electra and is now the leader of the Tornadoe troop. Electra was foraging a distance away from the troop and with good reason. Twenty four hours ago, Electra was viciously attacked and deposed by Amazon and her mother Flame. Now an outcast, Electra is forced to live in the periphery of the troop. To make matters worse, Electra was also heavily pregnant and was struggling. Amazon's mother, Flame, then entered the feeding area and Electra, now the lowest ranking lemur in the troop, nervously gave way and moved off intimidated by Flame's new superiority. Amazon and her new baby , Orinoco, were enjoying all the previlages of group protection. A group of brown lemurs then entered the area but the Tornadoes chased them off. Electra went into premature labor and gave birth to her son, Prince. Electra desperately called for help from the troop. Amazon and her sister Snowflake answered Electra's calls. Suddenly Amazon, her sister Snowflake and their mother Flame, headed off to find Electra. They found Electra on a forest floor and once again, viciously attacked her, this time evicting both her and her new baby Prince from the Troop. Electra's hour old baby Prince, struggled to hold on to her belly. Born prematurely possibly caused by his mother's tromatic eviction, Prince was alot smaller, weaker and vulnerable than a normal ringtailed baby. A group of brown lemurs then approached Electra and her baby, but lost interest. The rest of the Tornadoe troop, led by Amazon, were heading to the water truf. Electra mean while, is forced to look for food in the forest and she and her baby, Prince, were forced to sleep a lonely existence away from the protection of the troop.

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Tornadoe Troop

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