Rovers return is the seventh episode of Lemur street

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Titus and his roving gang are back in Graveyard territory after having previously been fought off by the dominant male Blake. Hogarth, Liberty's six month old son had finally re-united with his mother and rest of the Graveyard gang. Hogarth stuck close to his mother after spending twenty four hours alone in the forest and the Graveyard territory. The Graveyards had managed to return after the forest fire subsided. Titus and his two other roving males, Rivet and Erol, had made it back into Graveyard territory. There was a reason for their return, one of the Graveyard females came into season. That female was Hogarth's mother Liberty. She was the last of the Graveyard females in season for the year. Blake soon spotted Titus and gave chase. Titus tried to face Blake but was no match for the experienced fighter like Blake. After seeing off Titus again, Blake finally courted Liberty. Titus and his trios then entered Tornadoe troop territory where a female was in season. The Tornadoe males were all fired up for contest, with one of their young females, Snowflake, in season for the first time, all the males were desperate to impress. Flash, the dominant male, as usually put the other males in their place. Titus managed to sneak in, but Flash spotted him and gave chase and fought. Flash quickly over powered Titus and chased him off. Flash approached Snowflake, but she unexpectedly chased him off and rejected his advances. Flash was old enough to be Snowflake's father so her instinct repelled her from accepting mates from inside the troop. Instead she followed Titus into the forest and the pair mated. Titus, wary of being caught by the feisty Tornadoe males, soon left after courting Snowflake.

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Graveyard Gang

Tornadoe Troop

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