Trouble at home is the twelfth episode of Lemur Street

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Drought is still making life hard for the ringtails of Madagascar. The Graveyard gang have split into two and Crystal has been left with only a small group to care for her and her new baby Jasmine. Her low-ranking aunt Liberty has taken a big leaf of rebellion and led her small family crew to the tourist camp for food. Crystal leads her small crew through the forest in a desperate act to find food. Liberty's lot have raided to dustbins and tourist camps and as soon as the rain finally hit they haddled together to keep worm. The Graveyards arch rivals, the Tornado troop, had sneaked in Graveyard territory to steal their food, but the Graveyards ran into them at the path and chased them off. By the end of the day Crystal's crew have made their way to the water truff. Liberty and her band of rebels soon catch up with the rest of the troop at the water truff but their arrival leads to spats after the separation. Liberty tries to make her way to the water truff to drink but CRystal chases her off. Crystal soon leads the group home. Both crews sleep in the same territory but in different rusting trees since the devision. After the GRaveyards had left, a lone lemur had made her way to the water truff, it was outcast Electra. Electra was the former leader of the Tornado troop but after loosing her dominant staus, her troop and her baby son Prince, she is forced to live alone in the periphery of the two territories. By the next day the Graveyards wake to find that the rains had done their magic to the landscape and the abundance of food was returning. During the night Crystal's mother Josephine had given birth but was attacked during her labor presumably by low ranking Liberty. The troop heads of to finally feed and the rift shows signs of healing as both bands are re-united and foraging together. For Liberty, problems may not simply end here, especially now that her new fifth baby was nearing arrival.

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Graveyard Gang

Tornado Troop

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