Titus Wild




Unknown, a coaltion of roving outsider males


Yes, was the leader of the roving coalition



Known for

Being the pesky rover



Troops visited

Graveyard Gang and Tornado Troop

Titus Edit

Titus was one of the three wild young adolescent roving five year old ringtailed lemurs which entered the reserve and trailed the Graveyard Gang in search of females in season. Titus was the leader of this roving coalition consisting of two other males, Rivet and Erol . He led his rovers to the Graveyard gang territory, where Graveyard female Topaz was in season. As he tried to approach her to court her, the Graveyards dominant male Blake spotted him and immidietly chased him off and mated with Topaz. Titus kept on returning none stop testing Blake's patience. Titus kept returning and this time, tried to court Liberty, but Blake once again chased him off. Titus then led his trios to the rival Tornadoe Troop where Tornadoe female Snowflake was in season. Titus and his rovers didn't have luck here either, as he was chased off by the Tornadoes dominant male, Flash. Though Flash chaced Titus and his rovers away, he could not court Snowflake as the refused he advances and Flash was old enough to be her father. Snowflake instead decided to follow Titus into the deep forest and mated with him.