Tornado Troop
Tornadoe troop symbol


Graveyard Gang

Dominant Female

Stella, Electra and currently Amazon

Dominant Male



Approximately twenty ring-tailed lemurs

Number of families

Three familes

The Tornado Troop are the Graveyards arch rivals. The Tornadoes love nothing more than to cause trouble for their well minored neighbors. In contrast to the Graveyards, the Tornadoes are made up of three separate families of ringtailed lemurs. However in the USA the Tarnado Troop is known as Furies because of the regular fighting between the three families.

Dominant Pair Edit

The Tornadoes are always in fights because all three families would like to be incharge. The Tornadoe Troop were first being led by Stella(Chelsea's mother) until she lost the top job to Electra. Electra was a very volatile and bad tempered queen and restored order by intimidation and aggression. The Tornadoes then came under new management when Electra lost dominance to Amazon. The dominant male was always Flash.

All Known Tornadoes MembersEdit

Amazon (Dominant Female)

Flash (Dominant Male)








History Edit

The Tornadoes often invaded Graveyards territory and stole their cactus. The Tornadoes are a very volatile group always involved in in-fighting. The group being led by volatile queens means two days were never the same for this troubled bunch. With their former queen Electra who ruled the troop with an iron fist means this group had to be resourceful and adaptable. Ferocious Electra was finally put to the test of living as a low ranking lemur when young and feisty Amazon took charge of the troop. Amazon was also a very ferocious and a tough. The troop held clame to tourist camp and the all important water truff. The Tornadoes, being led by Amazon their new feisty and and powerful leader and led the Tornadoes in a different way as Electra did. Amazon as the new queen, took over Graveyards territory after evicting the Graveyards and taking over their sisal fenced home, leaving the Graveyard gang looking for a new home. Like all ringtail lemur troops the Tornado Troop had their mating season, with males all fighting to win the right to mate with the Tornado ladies. Dominant male Flash tried his best to mate with all the females in the troop but like normal, ringtail females can be feisty and aggressive so males have to approach with caution. The mating season was successful and new little lemurs were born. As for their arch rivals, the Graveyard Gang, life had to change.

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