Victim of circumstance is the fourth episode of Lemur Street

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It was early morning and the volatile tempered Tornadoe troop were waking up and beginning their daily routine of sun bathing. Gizmo, the youngest of the Tornadoes sat alone on a perch onto a branch. Gizmo was born late in the breeding season and at five months old, he should still be getting alot of attention, but no one ever takes any notice of him. He is the son of the dominant female Electra's number one rival, Amazon. She's hard as nails and still too young to be a responsible mother. As the Tornadoes begin to forage, Gizmo sits on his branch still sun bathing. Chelsea, a spoilt little lemur and the daughter of former Tornadoe queen, Stella, felt in a bulling mood and for some reason decided to want to knock Gizmo off his perch. Chelsea leaped at the branch were Gizmo was sitting and viciously attacked him, knocking him off and made him fall to the ground, injuring his leg. Gizmo now injured on his back leg, struggled to keep up with the rest of the fast moving troop. Chelsea in the other hand, hitched a ride from her dotting mother Stella. Gizmo eventually lost the troop out of site and was very vulnerable to predators. Eventually Gizmo manages to escape a ground Madagascan Boar snake and found the troop resting high above in the sleeping trees. Gizmo manages to climb and reach his family. By the next day, the troop were heading out foraging and as usual, Gizmo was struggling to keep up and lagged behind. The Tornadoes arch rivals, the Graveyard Gang, were venturing into Tornadoe territory and found the Tornadoe's cactus and fed on it. The Tornadoe troop visited the water truf, only to come into conflict with the approaching Graveyard gang. Fierce Amazon, Gizmo's mother, lunched into battle with the Graveyards as the Tornadoes fought for the water truf. The Tornadoes eventually lost the battle and left, leaving the Graveyards to the water truf. As the defeated Tornadoes made their way back, they found Gizmo on the main path. Gizmo was re-united with the troop.

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Tornadoe Troop

Graveyard Gang

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